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4 REASONS to GET & USE Professional Headshots


    Are your headshots more than 2 years old? Have you changed the color or length of your hair? Have you gained or lost weight? Have styles changed since your last headshot? Are you using a holiday family picture or avatar as your profession headshot?
    If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are not alone. If you don’t look like the person on your business card, website, LinkedIn or business Facebook page, then it’s possible your credibility is at stake. You need a professional headshot as soon as possible.
    Often, we meet a perspective client and hand them a business card, with our headshot. The client does a double, or even a triple take, and asks, “Is this you?” How do you respond? Do you begin making excuses or explaining the difference? If so, where does that leave you? Think about it; you may have lost some credibility and potential business.


    A chiropractor I met at a networking event related a similar story that she has with each new patient during their initial consultation. She knows she needs a new headshot and thinks of it as an “ice breaker.” In her profession, trust and credibility play an important role between patient and doctor. Does it weaken and hurt her credibility, if details like a business card are not kept up? I believe it hurts her credibility, because in the back of your mind the seeds of doubt begin to creep in. You may wonder what else she’s not keeping up. Bite the bullet and get one done!


    Your headshot images are a vital part of branding you and your business. People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Start connecting with your target audiences by infusing your personality throughout your various touch points. These 4 tips will help you get started.

    1. Get new professional headshots so they’re current… An outdated picture says your attention to detail is lacking.
    2. Post different headshots and portraits on your website, blog, professional and social networking sites, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp or Google+. Infuse your personality where your target audience reach you. Potential clients will get to know and identify with you.
    3. Add your headshot to your business card…People will remember who they spoke with and where they met you.
    4. Put it on your email signature… So your clients know what you look like.

    When meeting new clients, the initial tension is gone because they know who they’re looking for and what the business looks like. You and your business will see results if you follow these tips. You will become more visible, more credible, and this will lead to profitability…It’s what we all want.

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